Welcome to my world, I’m Silvia Rubí and at some point on 2006 I decided to fly to Gran Canaria for a shooting all the weekend, fucking with an amazing German couple. When I came back to Barcelona I decided that I would love to continue having more experiences so I took another plane to go to Germany, where I was shooting lots of different stuff, mainly Gang Bangs and Hardcore stuff. In Barcelona again I had the opportunity to work in a production of a Director named Conrad Son, where he suggested to change my name from Nadine Dalle to Silvia Rubí. I discovered that being a producer is something that I can do and I like but I thought that it wasn’t the right time to do that, the same thing happened with the video edition, I just wasn’t ready at that time.


I started to do live shows at the beginning being a sub but after a short time I started to put on my shows alone and introduced myself into the BDSM scene and trained my Dominant side. After a few years doing live shows in clubs, I moved to Madrid where I met Irina Vega and together we made “Pornodrome” my first webseries as a coscript and coproducer and of course a lot of other crazy productions. I met Gabriel Sergent and we moved to Berlin. Our dirty and creative minds started to fly and we created lots of amazing photo sets and vids, three of those were nominated to win NINFA’s awards 2016 “Love in Paris” ,“My first footjob” and “Threesome”. Berlin was so cold so we moved to Ibiza where my mind decided to fly. I took a plane to US and there I was shooting for one of my favorite companies, Burning Angel but I felt bad in the US because lots of companies and agencies didn’t like my tattoos and my small tits.


 So when I came back to Spain I decided to pick all my stuff from Ibiza and move again to Barcelona. Since I’ve been here I haven’t stopped creating amazing vids, super cool photo shoots and I have had the opportunity to direct for other companies also. I don’t know which city will be my place in the future or until when I will feel comfortable in front of the cameras or if I will get fake boobs when my tits will fall off. Or even if I will be available to make a triple anal or if you will enjoy my creations, but the thing that I’m sure of is that:

I started in porn because I love to enjoy life, because I feel good doing it, creatively and emotionally. Because I love to have new experiences, I really love my job and this turned out as my profession so I’m glad that you are here and I just want to show you how I see and live porn.

Kisses and rock!

Silvia Rubí


Silvia Rubi

Artistic Director Erotic Salon of Barcelona 2018

And you, how did you learn to fuck? ¿Do you question some time? Look a little at your past. How much of what you know about sex did you get out of porn? Maybe it was not so much if we had an effective sex education. If we were taught that porn is fiction and that sex in real life can be very different. But it’s not like that. And to this lack of education joins the fact that most of the porn we see today reflects clearly macho attitudes. And in the Erotic Salon of Barcelona we believe that it was about time to take action on the matter. As a meeting point for the industry, we want to lead a change in the sector. A real change to make it more responsible and more egalitarian. A change that begins in this year’s edition, led by women in all creative areas.